Our philosophy

Since 1982, when our workshop first opened, we have based our work ethics and philosophy on a few simple principles starting with our commitment to craftsmanship. By that we mean skills acquired through years of working and experimenting on our jeweller’s bench but most of all, a commitment to those fine skills that have passed on to us since ancient times.

This delicate art found in ancient Greek and Byzantine jewellery has been our signature since the start of our journey and our dedication to it has been our second principle. We are maintainers of a century old tradition and keep techniques such as filigree and granulation alive, techniques that have been passed on from master goldsmith to goldsmith for centuries now and their history is lost in time.

Our third principle however is to always keep a fresh mind! As a result we embrace new technologies in our sector, as any proper professional should, if this is to improve quality and add perfection to our designs.

Last, but certainly of vital importance, is our enthusiasm for detail. This is more than just a principle. It is what makes our jewellery stand out, where one can detect the zeal for art and aesthetics that we hope to transmit through our pieces.